Bruce Witz Memorial Award

This award honors a small company from each region that consistently offers a quality product and outstanding service to the members of the region. In addition, this small company should, through their contribution of time and effort, provide the most significant contribution to the goals of the NYSSRC. The company should be nominated based upon their strength in the following areas:


  1. Quality of equipment and supplies
  2. Accessibility and helpfulness of company representatives
  3. Responsiveness of company representatives
  4. Good service record
  5. Truth in advertising
  6. Support of the Respiratory Care Profession in the State of New York as a whole
  7. No Company may receive the award in consecutive years


  1. Nominations must come from an active member of a region or NYSSRC Board of Directors (BOD).
  2. Nominations may not come from an employee of the company.
  3. Nominations must be submitted and approved by the NYSSRC BOD.
  4. A minimum of one letter of endorsement from a region member or NYSSRC BOD member attesting to the level of activity related to the award criteria should be submitted.
  5. All nominations shall be reviewed and voted upon by the Awards Committee using pre-established criteria, and the chosen candidate will be ratified at the 2nd quarter NYSSRC BOD meeting via acceptance of the committee report.
  6. Forward all nominations and letters of support to: NYSSRC Awards Committee

Evaluations Sheet Completed by the Awards Committee

Name of Nominated Company:

Rating Scale:

1 – Below Average

2 – Average

3 – Above Average

Category Score

  1. Strength of primary and supporting letters of nomination
  2. Quality of Equipment / Supplies:
    1. stability of product line
    2. serviceability
    3. durability
    4. service record
    5. truth in advertising
  3. Company Representatives:
    1. accessibility & helpfulness
    2. responsiveness
    3. in-service presentation (quality, frequency, etc.)
  4. Support of NYSSRC and the Profession: a) speaker sponsorship
    1. regional seminars/teaching days
    2. state or regional seminars

Closing Comments:



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