The Practitioner of the Year Award

This award recognizes a respiratory care practitioner who has demonstrated considerable involvement, motivation and value to the profession of respiratory care. This award was designed specifically to recognize an active AARC member in the NYSSRC who most exemplifies what it means to be a truly dedicated and ideal respiratory care practitioner.

This is not a service award recognizing professional / political / committee work. Rather, it recognizes the practitioner who, day in and day out, works to improve patient care in whatever arena he or she may be working.

General Criteria:

  1. The individual must have contributed to the science, technology, ethics and art of Respiratory Care.
  2. The individual must have excelled in the practice of Respiratory Care as a clinician, educator or administrator.
  3. The individual must have advanced the growth of the field as evidenced by his / her clinical practice.

Specific Criteria:

  1. Must be an active member of the AARC.
  2. Must have completed at least five (5) years of service to the profession of Respiratory Care.
  3. Demonstrated significant achievement in one or more of the following areas in the preceding two (2) years:
  4. Professional practice (job-related activities)
    1. Community service (working with agencies such as the American Lung Association)
    2. Professional presentations (in-services, formal lectures to groups).
    3. Professional society activities (committee membership and / or chairmanship, offices held participation in sponsored events).


  1. Nominations must come from an active member of a region or NYSSRC Board of Directors.
  2. A Region Director and two (2) other active members of AARC should write a letter of initial sponsorship and recommendation documenting the contributions and achievements of the nominee.
  3. A curriculum vitae of the nominated member must accompany the nomination letters.
  4. All nominations shall be reviewed and voted upon by the Awards Committee using pre-established criteria, and the chosen candidate will be ratified at the 2nd quarter NYSSRC BOD meeting via acceptance of the committee report.
  5. The NYSSRC will pay for 1-night lodging, 1-day per diem, registration and travel expense for the recipient.
  6. Forward all nominations and letters of support to: NYSSRC Awards Committee

Evaluation Sheet Completed by the Awards committee

Name of nominee:

Rating Scale:

1 – Below Average

2 – Average

3 – Above Average

Category Rating Points

  1. Strength of primary letter of nomination
  2. Strength of secondary letters of nomination
  3. Number of Years in Respiratory Care:
    1. 5 – 10 years
    2. 11 – 15 years
    3. 16 – 20 years
    4. over 20 years
  4. Job-Related Activities: Level of commitment and type of service as outlined in the candidate’s CV over the last 2 years
  5. Professional Committee Activities: National Level
    1. State / Affiliate Level
    2. Regional / Local Level
  6. Education (0.5 points added for each level above Associate’s Degree):
    1. Technician / Certificate
    2. Associate’s Degree
    3. Baccalaureate Degree
    4. Master’s Degree
    5. Doctoral
  7. Professional Credentials held:
    1. CRT
    2. RRT
    3. CPFT
    4. RPFT
    5. Neonatal Pediatric Specialist
  8. Publications / Research / Abstracts:
    1. none
    2. 1 or more
  9. Professional Presentations:
    1. Regional educational events
    2. NYSSRC educational events
    3. AARC educational events
  10. Community Service (including health-related services)

Closing Comments:



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