Bylaws Change Proposal

Dear NYSSRC Members,

The NYSSRC Board of Directors and AARC have approved the changes below which were proposed by the NYSSRC Bylaws committee earlier this year.  The final required step for these new bylaws to take effect is that they must be voted on by you!  Please review the changes below and find a clean copy of the revised bylaws with these changes attached below (our current bylaws without these changes are posted on the AARC website).  You will have the opportunity and are encouraged to vote on either accepting or rejecting these changes during our upcoming elections this Fall.  Voting is anticipated to be open in November for about a month leading up to Christmas.  Details on the election will follow shortly.

Thank you for your time and consideration of these changes.


Page 3. Article V Officers and Directors

C. Term of Office

A change in the term of the Past President and President Elect from 2 years to 1 year.

D. Vacancies in Office

5. Extend the time to hold an election for delegates from 90 to 120 days

6. add wording for …most recent available Past President…

Page 4.

E. Duties of Officers

4. Treasurer – Clearly state the responsibility to endure and coordinate the filing of income taxes

5. Secretary – clarification of the responsibilities for minutes

Page 5. Article VI Nominations and Elections

C. Ballot

1. Wording change that candidates sketches will be available, not distributed.

Article VII BOD

Section A. Composition and Powers

1. Change the number from 20 to 19 to accommodate the change in terms of Past President and President Elect

2. Invitations to meetings are not required to be written.

Page 7. Article VIII Annual Meeting

Section A. Date and Place

2. Change the requirement at the annual meeting; only date and time of next annual meeting is required to be determined at that time, not all meetings

Article IX AARC Delegates

Section E. Succession – clarification / wording for Senior Delegate term

Page 8. Article X Committees

Removal as a standing committees

3. Disaster Preparedness

13. Sputum Bowl

Page 9. Article XI Duties of Committees

Section D – Removal of duties for Disaster Preparedness

Section E – Education and Research – clarification of duties

Section F – Governmental Affairs – clarification / wording

Page 10.

Section I – Nominations and Elections – clarification / wording

Section J – Program Committee – removal of requirement of Medical Advisor as member

Section K – Publications Committee – clarification/wording

Page 11.

Section M – Sputum Bowl – removal

Page 12. Article XII Regions

Section F – Duties – clarification of minutes requirement

Article XIII – Society Medical Advisor

Removal of the requirement for each region to have a Medical Advisor

NYSSRC Bylaws draft 2017 – Clean Copy