American Respiratory Care Foundation – Help Preserve the Profession’s Heritage


The American Respiratory Care Foundation (ARCF) is leading an effort by the American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC) to document and preserve the tradition and history of the profession through the development of an online virtual museum. You will now have a chance to be instrumental in the museum’s development and implementation by purchasing a “virtual brick.”

“Many fundraising campaigns allow contributors to purchase walkway pavers or bricks as a method of showing support for a project,” said ARCF Chairman Michael Amato . “While we will not be building an actual museum, we have initiated a fundraising effort so that individuals can purchase a brick or block of bricks that will be a instrumental part of our on-line virtual museum.”

The AARC is building a Virtual Museum to preserve the history of our profession. Be part of it by buying a virtual brick to support our work.

Your brick or block purchase will be visible to all visitors of our online museum and easily located through an online directory on the virtual museum website. While the museum is “under construction,” we have a temporary list of donors noting who stepped forward to participate in the project through a brick purchase.

The project, and the fundraising effort spearheaded by the ARCF, will showcase the people, projects, equipment, and milestones of the profession.

“Having a Virtual Museum means that respiratory therapists and the respiratory community everywhere can enjoy the development, tradition and historical milestones of the profession at any time,” said AARC Executive Director Tom Kallstrom. “We know it will also become a wonderful intellectual gateway for our students as they enter the profession and start to learn about its history.”