We Have a Winner! Jordan Spencer

Jordan Spencer is a second year Respiratory Care student at Genesee Community College in Batavia. His winning essay was entitled “The Three C’s of Healthcare.” The winner was chosen by the AARC Executive Office and the AARC President, Frank Salvatore. They noted again that it was a tough decision. Jordan recently started working in the Respiratory Care Department at Rochester Regional as an equipment technician.

Jordan will be joining our Delegates, Claire Aloan and Ron Jacobs in a two day House of Delegates meeting in Tampa November 5-6, 2015. He will also attend the first two days of the 61st AARC Congress with the first day having a whole section dedicated to students. It is an AARC and NYSSRC initiative to mentor students and teach them what we do to foster and grow the profession of respiratory care and protect the health welfare and safety of the patients we serve. Jordan and his fellow students will be our next generation of leaders. When he returns home we hope that Jordan will share his experience with his classmates.

Congratulations to Jordan!!