New Polysomnographic Technology Authorization Law Takes Effect in NYS

Chapter 262 of the Laws of 2011, effective August 3, 2012, established the profession of Polysomnographic Technology in New York State. Individuals must now hold authorization from the Education Department to provide polysomnographic technology services or to use the title “Authorized Polysomnographic Technologist.” Licensed individuals who are already permitted to practice polysomnographic technology services within their scope of practice, including respiratory therapists and respiratory therapy technicians, may continue to do so without the need for this authorization.

Polysomnographic Technologists play an integral role in patient care, including administering sleep tests and working with physicians to collect information needed by the physician to make an accurate diagnosis of sleep disorders and an appropriate treatment plan. The Board of Regents adopted final regulations implementing the provisions of this law at their October 2012 meeting (PDF).

The approved regulations outline the coursework and clinical experience that must be included in a program that seeks registration by the Department as a licensure-qualifying polysomnographic technology program. The regulations also define the practice of Polysomnographic Technology and set forth the requirements that must be met by an individual seeking authorization to practice the profession in New York. Finally, the regulations establish grandparenting provisions to enable those individuals who began practicing prior to the new law and regulations to receive authorization to continue to practice after the effective date of the law if they meet specific requirements, including experience. Individuals who wish to apply under these special provisions must meet the grandparenting requirements and apply for authorization by February 3, 2014. However, if the Department has not registered four license-qualifying polysomnographic technology programs by that date, limited grandparenting provisions will continue.

Application forms, as well as additional information on the laws, regulations, and licensure requirements can be found at: . Questions can be addressed to the State Board for Respiratory Therapy office at or (518) 474-3817, x.120.