New York Represents at the AARC House of Delegates

The AARC House of Delegates convened in Indianapolis just prior to last month’s AARC International Congress.  Our NYSSRC Delegates Claire Aloan and Steve Smith were in attendance and extremely active in discussions aimed at elevating our profession.  They were joined by a couple of special guests as well.

Andrew Pelletier, a senior Respiratory Care Program student at SUNY Stonybrook won a contest and was subsequently invited to attend.  He wrote a very nice letter summarizing his experiences from the student perspective that we will share next week (stay tuned).

Dr. Russell Acevedo, MD from Syracuse was conferred an honorary membership as well.  Dr. Acevedo (aka “Russ”) is a long-standing member of the State Symposium at the Turning Stone event planning committee.  He is an extremely strong supporter of our profession and deserving of every accolade.

Thank you to all of these New Yorkers for representing us well!

Andrew Pelletier, Claire Aloan, and Steve Smith

Andrew Pelletier, Claire Aloan, and Steve Smith


Dr. Russ Acevedo