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Positions in the state and regions include:

  • Officer and Director Descriptions
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  • 1. President-Elect

    President-elect primarily uses their term in preparation for the presidency and may at times function as president.

    Specific duties include assuming the duties of the president in the event of the president’s absence, resignation, or disability; working with the webmaster to maintain and oversee the society’s webpage; prepares the annual budget, with the assistance of the Budget and Audit Committee and submit the budget for approval at the fall meeting of the Board of Directors; oversee the elections process.

    Minimum requirements are an active member of the AARC; must served on the Board of Directors of the NYSSRC for at least two years within the past six years; must have demonstrated timely and effective communication skills and the resources to maintain them; must have demonstrated ability to appropriately conduct a business meeting; must have ability to analyze and respond to various situations, have knowledge of Society's missions and policies, have knowledge about duties of Society's committees and demonstrated effective leadership by managing multiple projects (No. 5 is a summary of other minimum requirements).

    Preferred characteristics should include a history of active participation in their region chapter or in another chartered affiliate, preferably as president; served on one or more NYSSRC committees (preferably should have served as chair of one or more NYSSRC committees) and prior experience on the executive committee of the Society.

  • 2. Delegate

    Delegates represent the Society at the House of Delegates meetings.

    Specific duties of the delegate are as specified by the bylaws of the AARC and the policies and procedures of the House of Delegates.

    Minimum requirements are an active member of the AARC and must have served as a member of the NYSSRC Board of Directors for at least two of the six years preceding election to the Delegate position.

  • 3. Secretary

    Secretary maintains all society records and correspondence.

    Specific duties include keeping the minutes of the Board of Directors meetings, regular business meetings, and the annual business meeting; executes the general correspondence of the society; and maintains policy and procedure manual.

  • 4. Treasurer

    Treasurer has charge of all funds and securities of the Society.

    Specific duties include endorsing checks, notes or other orders for payment of bills; disburses funds as authorized by the Board of Directors and/or in accordance with the approved budget; deposits funds as the Board of Directors may designate; is responsible, with the president, for disbursement of all Society funds; prepares and submits reports of society income and expense for review by the Board of Directors at each meeting; maintains society accounts for review by external audit; assists the President-Elect with preparation of the annual budget.

  • 5. Vice President

    Vice President primarily provides assistance to the president.

    Specific duties include assuming the duties of the president-elect in the event of the president-elect’s absence, resignation, or disability and maintaining, updating and distributing the Society calendar of events on a regular and timely basis.

  • 6. Regional Officer

    Responsibilities of the Regional Directors include representing the region from which they are elected.  Submitting a written report at least ten (10) days prior to each Board of Directors meeting, relating the activities in the region.

Section 2. Nominations

Only active members in good standing shall be eligible for nomination.

The Nominations Committee shall provide a pertinent biographical sketch of each nominee’s professional activities and services to the organization, all of which shall be part of the ballot.  The officially approved policies and procedures of the AARC and NYSSRC state that 2 of the offices have minimum requirements for nomination as follows.

AARC Membership Classifications state:

Active Members are those practitioners actively involved in the respiratory care profession. An individual is eligible if he/she lives in the U.S. or its territories, and meets ONE of the following criteria:

  • is legally credentialed as a respiratory care professional if employed in a state that mandates such, OR
  • is a graduate of an accredited educational program in respiratory care, OR
  • holds a credential issued by the NBRC.
  • Voting privileges, full membership benefits, and the ability to hold office are extended to all Active Members.

AARC members may view the AARC membership classifications and NYSSRC By-Laws on the AARC website at or NYSSRC website. On the AARC website go to members services tab on the left and scroll down to membership classifications or Bylaws. On the NYSSRC website, login and go to community tab and click Bylaws.

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